I wish I didn’t reacte to weather as I do. I’m truly just hot and miserable now. Making it by with just 2 hours of sleep — how can people sleep when it’s this hot? All the boys just crash right out. . .

Last night we were talking at dinner and Tyler mentioned he had come across 1/2 a rabbit (the lower half) on his walk with the dog. (Good dinner conversation, huh?) Jay said something to the effect of cutting off one of it’s feet so Tyler could have a “lucky rabbit’s foot”. We all started laughing. Was that rabbit so lucky??? Would you want a foot from a creature who met that sort of end?

Guess I should say, as you most likely don’t know, we have oodles of wild rabbits around here. It’s really kinda cool seeing them in the yard. Course, the buggers ate all our plants that we put in the garden. Next year we’ll fence the area off before we put plants in.

Yesterday, Jay finished installing the 2nd new window. That man is a nut! The heat index is 107 and he’s running around outside working like a madman. Gives the neighbors quite a chuckle, let me tell you! And what’s really wacky, when I hear them talking to him it’s always, “What she making you do this time?” Yeah, right! I’m the one fussing at him to come in and take a break.

Oh, and this is good. So, yesterday at noon, I’m telling him to take a break, and he says, “sure be right in”. So, he comes in to eat lunch and says he thinks he’s done outside for the day and was going to work on connecting the ice maker on the new frig. Then he made some comment about cutting down this one bush/tree thing on the side of our house. Tyler hopped on that one! Asked if he could chop it down with an axe. So, the next 6 hours were spent out of doors, chopping down what turned out to be a cedar. (Tyler was only out about 1/2 hour, but he did manage to “timber” his tree.) Jay cut the tree closer to the ground, then chopped it to smaller bits to take to the dump. (We kept the trunk, though.) The man can not sit still! He goes back to work after these “vacations” to relax!

This morning I’m in the kitchen cutting up cantelope and Jay is making waffles. He goes into the extension (2nd part of kitchen area), to put a box in the recycle bin then says, “There’s a mouse in our house!” Right there at our back screen door. A little grey one. It might just be the same one that I saw 2 months ago that we thought had gotten incinerated in the oven — or maybe it’s a family member of that one (just great! ). Anyway, between Jay and Drew they scared the poor critter (can still feel sorry for the guy, even though I don’t want him in the house) out of the house, and Jay shooed him out of the yard. Any neighbors watching him then would have a gotten a big kick out of it all! (We know our neighbors enjoy “spying” on us; they frequently tell us so.)

Today, Jay said he was going to finish any caulking that may remained to be done on the windows, then take the last of the cedar to the dump. Then he said he was going to watch the kids for me! Wahoo!!!! I really need some time. I need to help the big guys with their school work and schedule next week’s school for Drew, Tyler, Garrett and Mikhail. Also, need to grade some papers and organize and print off quizzes / tests and worksheets. . . Man, I’ve a ton of stuff to do! Shoot, I also have to do laundry, dishes. . .(house cleaning is going to have to wait for more decent – as in 90 degrees or less – weather). (PAT ON THE BACK: Did manage to finish Tyler’s schedule for this week, last nigt! That’s so pathetic! At least I had Drew’s schedule done on time.)

Okay, I’ve gotta get ‘hopping’. Or this will never get even close to being done.


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