What to do? (random thoughts)

It’s rare to get a comment on my page. . . I must be rather boring. Ah well, I think honestly, I do it more for me, an outlet for my thoughts.

So, I’m looking at what we do for school. I think I mentioned previously about the “outline” — what I want my kids to know before they leave — I did. I have looked at that and at what’s available. . .

I tell ya, every year I buy from Sonlight (SL). I have yet to use a single core! I always wind up creating my own. I like the classical method; but I don’t want to follow that exactly — it’s too “regimented”. I love literature, and I love history so I always think SL will work for us; but, it’s too “light”, IMO. Silly thing is I’m still thinking of buying one more core! The only reason why is to get the “heirloom status” and stay on their forums, which I love. But, that’s not a wise financial expenditure. I need to consider this. . .

I want to create keepsake books. Like a yearbook of learning for each kid. I think I have finally nailed down how to do that. Now, I just need to put it on “paper”.

I also need to put on paper books that I really want my kids to read and have a knowledge of. There’s a lot of them!

And I think I need to readjust my school years’ plan (based on my outline). I have one, but it is mostly right out of The Well Trained Mind, and it’s lacking in some areas and too strict in others.

Has anyone used Hewitt’s Lightning Literature guides? Those look quite good actually. Right up the alley of how I’d like to do Lit. (the high school levels anyway).

And I have come to the conclusion that I want to be more relaxed for the younger years. My poor older guys, I pushed them straight into 8 hour school days at “2nd grade”! What was I thinking!!! Thankfully, with age comes hindsight, and hopefully wisdom. With my younger set I’m more interested in making it fun in the younger years.

You’d think after 7+ years of doing this; I’d be more organized and concrete in what and how I want to do things! Just goes to show we are always experimenting and learning. . .


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