scheduling – successes and woes

I should be feeling pretty darn good today; but truthfully, I’m feeling like it should have been done sooner.

Last night I finished my history spine for grades Pre-K through 7 (for the little guys). While the spine is done, I still have lots of work ahead of me as I no have to figure out what to “attach” to the spine and where. (Things like, books to read to enhance the area of studies, activities to do, etc.) I am completely finished with the history from Pre-K through 1/2 of 1st grade though (course, at that level it’s easiest!) Tyler wants to help me figure activities for the history study from 3rd grade -7th. I’m all for that as it will force him to do a greater in depth study / review! Course, we shan’t tell him that, okay? He thinks it’ll be great fun (and I’m sure he will make it so — which will make it stick all that much more!)

I am also almost done with the grammar portion of their schedule through grade 6, their lit and phonics/ reading instruction, and math is done through most of grade K. . .

It’s all falling in to place (and I have to tell you that the outline I created has been an awesome help!).

Here’s the problem: both big boys need a schedule for next week, and I haven’t been working on it! “Why?” you might ask. Well, it’s actually a rather simple and valid reason. . .I am still waiting for the books I ordered! Now to be fair to vendors — not their fault; I hadn’t realized how close we were to finishing a number of subjects till this past weekend, so the order didn’t go in till Mon. I am supposed to get all the books by the end of the week I believe (hope, pray).

When I do get them, Tyler will be moving on into Earth Science (not the astronomy part as he’s all ready done that); Drew will be (he has started, but I really didn’t like the program we were using and he kept complaining about it, so there ya go) doing Am lit, history with a “folding in” of gov’t / civics/ and econ. (Working with my Dad, who I so appreciate for this!, for an appropriate econ text.)

So, when Drew is done, he’ll have a full year of Am. history on the transcript as well as a semester of gov’t / civics and a semester of econ. (It will actually take him ~2 years to complete the history component as I want him to do gov’t in the context of history.) Then he’ll have a world history and finally a 20th / 21st century history.

I know that the world history schedule I create for him will be booted for the younger two, (I know of some good books that will be published by the time they get to that level, and I plan to use them!) but, maybe I’ll be able to use it for Tyler. (scheduling takes a large portion of time, so I’d like to reuse what I can, when I can!) Actually, since I did my outline, Drew won’t be following it as closely as the other 3 simply as I didn’t come up with it till so late in the game. (I am not going to beat myself up about this. I am not going to beat myself up about this. I am not going to beat myself up about this.)

Well, I hear the thump, thump, thump of little feet (no pitter-patter here!), so I shall end here.


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