The little guys are so excited this morning. We get to go to the dentist! Really, I’m not joking, the little guys are truly looking forward to this. They are currently eating oatmeal and discussing the flavor of toothpaste they are going to request at the dentist for their cleaning. The big boys don’t seem to be near as excited.

I’m getting attitude from the youngest. . .maybe I’ll threaten the dentist visit.

Now the topic has turned to NYC. Tyler can’t fathom why anyone would want to live there. Drew is curious as to the current population (he saw a count last year. . .)

I had a lot to write about, but most of it has currently slipped my mind. My brain is moving into “to-do today” gear. . . I need to get moving!

Well, kids had a great time at the dentist. Mikhail was able to get the chocolate flavored toothpaste he wanted. Both of the little guys were able to pick prizes, and were most pleased to walk away with Power Ranger tattoos, new toothbrushes, and dental floss. Ah, it’s the little things. (Oh, and no cavities )

Then, I took them out to eat at a resteraunt! Red Lobster. The little guys can’t remember eating at a place where you order and then WAIT for your food to come. It was funny as we eat lunch about 11a.m. So, it was just us, and elderly people in the resteraunt. The faces of those all ready seated when they saw me walk in with the crew of boys! You just knew they were all expecting major issues. The boys all behaved as wonderfully. No food fights, or fist fights, or screaming. (Not that this EVER happens at home, but I’m sure if it ever happens, it will be where the whole world can see it.)

Then, my neighbor, over one block, just had her baby 1 week ago, so we went there to visit for the first time today. I WANT ONE! What can I say, I love babies!!!


The Senate bill I’m watching has passed unanimously, and has moved to the House the hearing is next week there.

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