Have not posted in a while as life has just been nuts. It’s not much better at this moment, but it has been some time. . .

Jay was told he’s going to deploy (inevitably). . .now the only big question is when. This morning he was told next week. But, now that’s up in the air. . .

I need to get stuff done, like my will (update), determine my short term care-provider (in case something happens to me while he’s deployed until my folks can get up here to take care of the kiddos). Need to get my safety net in place also. . .

Like I have time for this!!! Hello! I’m busy! And now we are in limbo. . .just waiting for the word on when. BLECH!

Poor Jay! He had just spent a couple of hours yesterday arranging a family reunion for his side. (Just for his sibling group, their families, and their parents.) And it was if all the stars aligned as everyone was able and willing to get together at a specific time. That’s like a major undertaking, and now it looks as if he won’t be attending. Poor guy! They haven’t been all together since ’94.

And he’s still in the midst of his college course. . .


Last week I spent working with Drew on his writing. I’m telling you, you can call me “patches” now, for all the hair I have pulled from my head! I do not understand why he is making this such an incredibly painful process. Writing comes easy for me, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined it was this difficult for anyone. I’m telling you labor is easier!

A number of people have recommended Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). It’s ~ $160 program (that’s if you only purchase the base program, but by golly, they have supplements too!). Now, I can rationalize that as I could use it for all 4 kids. But, no one has been able to actually “sell” me on it. I’ve looked at the website and it doesn’t tell me enough to make me want to buy it. Everything that I’m given examples of is “summaries”. I think the 1st three units are all about learning how to “re-tell” (in written form) what you’ve read. I don’t want / need that. I need him to be able to write, with decription and all that jazz in a clear, concise, organized manner. How on earth is that hard???!

One lady did say that after doing the program her children are doing fantastic in college classes. . . but really, was it that program or would another have worked as well?

I think I told you we were trying WriteShop. Well, I’m a flunky of that program. I got so fed up flipping and switching and not seeing what he was doing. . . Maybe I could just go back through both books on my own and construct something that will work for us. Yes, I’ll just do that. . .in my copious amounts of free time.


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