just life

Errgh! yahoo has “improved” it’s bookmarks. . .Yeah, right! I can’t stand the way it’s organized. So, I was attempting to re-organize the stuff to the way I had it before. . .just lost 7 bookmarks! All of them like daily stuff too. Poop!

I’m tired. It’s stress and I know it. Jay and I were just snapping at each other too this evening. It went like this:

“rowr, phthpt, hiss, hiss. Sorry, hon, just stress, don’t mean to take it out on you.”

“rowr, phthpt, hiss, hiss. Oh, I know, I’m doing it too, forgive me! growl.”

Oh, I love the Army life!

I guess it’s a good thing that we recognize it for what it is, rather than getting all huffy at each other like we used too.

Yesterday, Jay was so frustrated that he went out and took down our front tree.

Hmm, I have pictures, which would make this whole spiel more interesting, but they are on the other computer and I’m too darned tired. It was a huge tree. It’s gone now.

Our neighbor was walking past yesterday. She’s lived here 16 years, and walks past our house almost daily. She asked us when we put in the stained glass window. As far as we know it came original with the house back in the 20s! She had never seen it before due to the tree.

Now I need to find a different way to give directions to people trying to find our house. I use to say, “When you see the honkin’ tree, stop. That’s our house.”

I am still working on the “small” (11’x11′ quarter circle) front flower bed. Still trying to remove the ivy. That’s a bear! It’s going at a snail’s pace, let me tell you! I need to plan what to put there as well. . .

Okay, I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. . .

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