Good morning

I wanted to surprised Jay with a terribly yummy breakfast this a.m. (super-duper easy to make) so hopped out of bed while he was in the shower to make it. Then, hopped back in bed before he got out of the shower. I told him I would make it for him last night, but didn’t get to it, so I knew he would be dissappointed this morning that I wasn’t getting up with him.

After I knew he had seen the lovely creation, I came downstairs and chatted with him a bit. He was terribly surprised, and super glad. We needed a start like that today.

Had an eye doctor appt. this morning. Wahoo ! My eyesight is 20/15! Super-duper awesome extra cool!!! I don’t have to go back for another appt. till later this summer (unless something changes)! Yeah!!! I’m thoroughly sick of appts.!!!

I am being a “horrible” mom today and have set my two littlest ‘uns in front of the boob tube. (Watching Lady and the Tramp)

The sun keeps peeking out, I think, just to tease me. I really want to get out and finish that small garden ivy-removal project so I can plant a flower garden there. I think we are going to try for a butterfly / hummingbird type garden. I still haven’t decided on a tree to replace the one Jay just cut down. . . .

Oh, but yesterday I cleaned off the walk, there was an extra 2 feet in width of the flagstone path. (We were afraid the path was put in after the tree.) It looks fantastic! We need to relevel some of the stones. And that flower garden really needs to be planted!

I have decided on a location for our “berry patch”. I have to measure it, but I am planning on planting blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and currants. YUMM! I love berries!!!

Jay was a bit fussy last night as he would like to put hanging flower baskets about. I agree, but I think planting the beds should be a priority. . . The problem with hanging baskets is you have to remember to water them. . . (or maybe that’s my problem???)

Okay, since I’m being such a “bad” mom I had better take advantage of the situation. There is a patch of sunshine out right now so I’m going to run out and take measurements then work on my garden plans (berry patch and small flower garden). Oh, this is so fun! It involves graph paper and pencil and garden books, and catalogs!!!


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