random thoughts — home

Well, I went out and removed 3 -45 gallon bags of ivy. I have now officially found all the borders to that garden. I also have 1/2 the ivy out of the garden. Our neighbors across the way said they sure think our house looks grand now that the tree is gone. (They tend to be nosy, so they are probably thinking this is peachy!)

You know, I got the best compliment the other day. The other hs mom (Mrs. H), when she was sitting in our parlor (the room we recently redid) she said it was the most comfortable and inviting room she’s ever been in. She said it just made you feel right at home and want to just sit and chat and while away the day. Wasn’t that a fantastic compliment???! That’s my goal for the whole house. (let’s see, 15 more rooms to go. . .this will take a couple of decades!)

I have a paint design idea for the living room. I don’t know though. . .I think it’s one of those things that could look fantastically awesome or spectacularly horrible. I’ve got to give it a bit more thought. Maybe I’ll print off a picture of the room currently and then “paint” in miniature on the picture first. . .

The berry patch space is 8′ x 24′ (or, the spot I initially intended to be the berry patch). I actually, don’t want it that big. And I’m trying to decide, as I want an area that could be used for soccer games and such by the boys. . .That’s going to have to be a side yard. I want to put the berry patch on a side too. I need to decide which side yard I’m going to designate as play space. (I want the front yard to be more formal; the backyard has the veggie garden and the playset.) Maybe I could fit the berry patch in the back also. . .

Well, I didn’t get to other things I intended to do today. But, I’m okay with that. It was, overall, a very productive and good / happy day.


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