home remods and upgrades

As you know we are military. However, the idea is that this will be our last house (for quite some time) as Jay wants to “retire” here. Now the big problem comes in the fact that we ARE military. He may not be allowed to retire when he chooses. They may move us. . .

Well, this house needs work. It needs to reflect us (especially if we do wind up staying here), but it also needs to be “sellable”. In case we don’t.

So, I have placed photos of the living room and parlor and their current changes. Sellable?

Living room. This was before we moved in, so it’s the prior owners furniture.


The living room after paint job. Please ignore the toys! Trying to determine if I should do a bit more. . . It should be noted that the wall on the right is curved (look at the ceiling). This is one of the reasons I’m thinking of “upgrading”. (I want to accent it.)


parlor before remod. The “fireplace” is completely non-functional. (FYI the wine/burgandy area is our front hall.)

parlor, after remodel. (It’s a painted design. . .not wallpaper like most would believe.)

In a bit, I’m going to post a couple of proposed changes I’m thinking of to the living room. (Personally, I’m terribly happy with the parlor, and I could care less if it’s “sellable”. I figure I’m allowed one room to call my own.)


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