Am I (or "are we") preparing our students well enough?

This is a fantastic article on how post secondary schools perceive their incoming class of students. It’s fabulous for me, as my kids are constantly whining, “why are you hassling me about grammar?” “Why are we constantly going over the same math topics?” “Why are we spending a year in one science when most the public school kids do all sorts?” Think I shall print it off and post it on the frig!

Drew has decided he wants his foreign language to be Arabic. Can I just say, “Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!!!” I’m putting his father in charge of that one!!! Jay will love it. Especially as I also put him in charge of the Economics course.

We, as in the whole crew, did almost 3 hours of yard work this morning. Just trying to clear out all the stuff from the tree Jay chopped down, and other prunings. I didn’t get to the ivy that still needs to be cleared out. Decided Mikhail won the MEH award (Most Energetic Helper). He was the first one out and the last one in!

Tyler and Garrett got in big trouble today. Each of them, at seperate times decided to pitch a hissy. I was dismayed when Garrett threw his; shocked, when it came from my 12yo son!

I’m supposed to be working on schedules, but can’t get in the groove. I really should get to them though. . .


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