We went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was a cop out. It’s rainy and yucky outside, I don’t have anything for soup, I’m tired. . .

Then, we went to Home Depot. Have like 200 paint chips now for 5 rooms. Will have to go through those this week.

Jay and I decided that this year isn’t going to be major renovation year, as the whole deployment mess is up in the air. Don’t want to be without a room, or half the house destroyed and him in a combat zone. So, the little guys’ room is on hold. If we do any renovating this year it will be on the main bath (It’s all ready been started, with the replacement of the window last summer.)

So, this year is now designated “paint the walls and plant the gardens year”. Quickie satisfaction for smallish price / effort, at least for the painting part. Still working on that silly ivy patch! grrr

I all ready have most the colors picked out, in my head, so now it’s just matching it to the chips.

Oh, and I picked a design to paint in my living room. (I decided it’s too bland.) It’s one of those things that could look spectacular, or horrid. However, Jay is on board for me to try, and says he’ll be the one to repaint if it comes out a dud.

Oh btw, Drew is currently reading Last of the Mohicans. I need to go over it with him now that he’s finished the first 100 pages. It’s a 400 page book, so I figure we’ll do lit. analysis every 100 pages. (The rate he reads it’ll take almost 1 month. Of course, I should say anything as he has about 60-75 pages worth of reading / day in other subjects as well.)

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