"Later" in the morning

Okay, I have managed to schedule almost 7 weeks of Earth Science for Tyler. I’m actually really excited! This looks like a terribly fun course.

It’s interesting, as I have really discovered a joy of learning through teaching my kids. (I really wish they felt that way as well — and maybe they do, but just don’t want me to know.) I’m always kind of bummed with Drew as I think most of his courses would be very fun, but he nevers wants me to “do” them with him. So, I shall have to wait for Tyler (or 3 or 4) to get to those levels.

One thing about science that I do appreciate is the experiments. I NEVER appreciated them in “real school” as they never seemed to work for me. However, what I find that I appreciate about them now is not that they may add something to the students understanding, (I know, totally “off”) but rather whenever one is done (i.e. by Drew) he calls all the other kids to watch. VERY cool! Then, he really takes the time to explain it to them, even the youngest, and answer all their questions. Now THAT truly adds to his understanding (and the little kids, especially, think their big brother is super extra cool / smart).

Have made myself a yogurt sundae for breakfast, ‘cept it’s not in the pretty sundae dish, and is instead in the yogurt “tub”. Very elegant.

Had I known that I would wake in the middle of the night, I would have brought down the Algebra 2 to schedule. However, it’s up in the classroom, and I’m afraid that should I attempt to go up there on the squeaky stairs I shall wake the house.

Actually, it’s now 0630 and Tyler has gone upstairs to take his bath to get ready for church.

See, here’s the thing. As I said, Jay and I have minor disagreements with some things taught at this church. However, my 3 youngest are all so psyched about going to this church every Sun. Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for Sundays I would never see Tyler before 0700! (unless it’s a snowboarding day)

Hmm, okay my breakfast is done. I do have one other book down here that I could work on scheduling. (Or I could also work more on the Earth Science book. . .)

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