and that’s just the way it is

Okay, so we just finished watching the “Ranch House” by PBS. (I love all those “house” shows!) Watched it with the boys, because they like them too, even though they won’t admit it to anyone. (I only know, ’cause when I say I’m going to be watching, they all beat me to the living room )

Anyway, tonight was the final evaluation. I have to tell you, based on what we saw, I agree with the evaluators. I do realize that we just saw a minute fragment of their “reality”, but the bit I saw left me highly. . .hmm, maybe “opinionated” is a good word here.

Anywho, the ranch family “failed” the ranch experience (though I do agree with the mother that it was, probably, very “fruitful” for their family). One of the last things on the evaluation report was a comment along the lines of, “As Mr. C was the ranch owner, the failure of the ranch falls squarely on him.”

Now, what was interesting was that there was a comment by one of the daughters that she couldn’t believe that the evaluators would place all the blame and responsibility on him. Something about her father not being responsible for the actions of others.

End of show.

Discussion at our house, following:

Drew: “What a crock!”

Tyler: “Evaluators definately got it right.”

Drew: “Man, that girl is just silly if she thinks her father isn’t responsible.”

Mom: “Why is that?”

Tyler: “The ranch family definately messed up.”

Drew: “Everyone knows that if you are the leader, then you are ultimately responsible.”

Mom, puffing with pride, “And how does everyone know that, it’s not taught in schools, it’s not innate knowledge.”

Tyler: “The cowboys were definately right, in what they did.” (he’s on his own track still. . . )

Drew: “Mom, it’s just something everyone knows.”

Tyler: “What?”

Drew: “That if the project fails and your the leader it’s your fault.”

Mom “How do you know that?”

Tyler:  “Oh, yeah, everyone knows that!”  (he’s caught up)

Mom “but, HOW?” (at this point I’m expecting it to dawn on them what a wonderfully awesome teacher they have to have managed to get this thought firmly rooted. . .)

Drew: “Gee, Mom, everyone KNOWS it.”

Mom “Okay, but where did you get your information.” (I’m telling you it’s like dragging an angry crocodile from it’s nest with your bare hands, getting information from that child!)

Drew: “It’s in ‘A Bug’s Life’! When the grasshopper. . . .”

I stopped listening. Dashed again!!!


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