turning a "new" leaf

Actually, truth be told, I’m turning the exact same “leaf” that I keep trying to get a handle on every couple of months. That’s a rather depressing thought actually. And, come to think of it, it’s not necessarily a true statement.

It is true that every couple of months I try to get back on track to where I think I should be. I have a very definate idea of “where” I should be, or “what” I should be doing. Every time I try, I learn something new, about myself or my children. However, I have yet to reach my ideal, and when I re-evaluate after about 6 weeks, I see that I’m still not quite where I want to be, but I have definately made some progress.

So, I actually don’t like the “turning a new leaf” idea. Nor, do I think that turning the same leaf is entirely accurate, as I am learning and growing each and every time.

Therefore, I think I like the idea of a tree. Instead of “turning a new leaf”; I prefer to think I’m “growing” a new leaf. Each leaf is different, each one an integral part of the whole. It reminds me of spring, and spring is a positive thing, and I want to be positive.

So, I’m going to grow another leaf. Maybe, in my later years, my tree will portray a leafy fullness. Yes, I think I really like that image. A tree that shelters and protects, provides shade and comfort. The book, The Giving Tree, comes to mind.


One comment on “turning a "new" leaf

  1. hasitall3 says:

    That is a good way to put it. Who couldn’t use a few more leaves?

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