Think I just got a compliment!

As I have mentioned previously, Jay is taking a developmental psychology course at college. It’s on Monday evenings, and normally we discuss it when he returns.

Last night, Jay came home and I asked him what the topic was in class, and he said “brain function in adolesence”. He then gave a very brief summary of the class.

“Oh, did she (or you) mention The Primal Teen?” I asked.

He looked me square on and said, “No, honey, but I did decide that I have learned more from you than from this class, and I’m beginning to get a greater understanding and appreciation for your knowledge.”

HA! Definately a compliment, right? (Either that or he just didn’t feel like discussing.)

Do you think homeschoolers study more in these areas than others? I do kind of believe that homeschoolers do more research in these areas. I feel that they may have to deal with issues like this more “head-on” than their public school counterparts, as they are with the kids all day. Generally, that’s where I head to if I run into a problem/issue (a homeschool forum), and they have always been able to give me answers or at least starting points.

However, maybe it’s regardless of school setting, and just person by person whether they research this stuff. I really don’t know as I have very few public school friends that I talk to about these sorts of topics.

(Most of our public school friends have younger kids, and as I’ve all ready “been there-done that”, they are usually asking me questions. Scary thought, eh?)

Here’s something even scarier.

I have noticed recently that I come across very few that continue homeschooling in the high school years. That now makes me an oddity amongst homeschoolers! (Go figure! I’ll never be one of “the crowd”!)

Now, when we get together with other homeschoolers I see two results of this fact: those who fear coming around me, and those who seek me out for advice. Those who fear coming around me, are homeschooling younger children, but their older kids are in school (like I’m one to make them feel bad about their choices!). Those who seek me out, have made a life decision (or are nuts, take your pick. 😉 )

Well, I must get moving on the day, before it escapes me totally.


One comment on “Think I just got a compliment!

  1. JoAnn says:

    Thanks for the email and the info. I will definately check it out.
    Yes, I tend to research alot too. I don’t know if it’s a homeschool thing or not, but I know I do it. My husband doesn’t do it as automatically as I do, but I think I’m rubbing off on him. Just the other day he suggested a book that we should read reagrading teenagers since our daughter is soon heading that way. Me, buy another book, you bet! 🙂

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