Rough Week

This one has been rough, time wise. I don’t have much, if any, time now, but I shall take a “moment”.

Last night was “Art Night” with our homeschool support group.

Now, let me first say, that I joined this group as it is incredibly active, seems to have a lot of wonderful things to do and opportunities available. I wanted to give the kids all that. . .

We won’t be rejoining. Because, while they do have all those wonderful things, while they are fantastically organized, and while I do still want to give the kids all that . . .We just don’t have that kind of money.

It’s $175 to join the group; $100 of which is reimbursable — used to ensure participation. (Participate is a required minimum of 2 night teams, and one field trip.) And see, that doesn’t sound bad at all. I mean, between 4 kids. . .

The trouble comes in all the ADDITIONAL costs. The only thing they may offer for free is some field trips. Everything else COSTS something. (And I’m not including the gas to get there and back.) They offer co-op classes; which I would LOVE for the boys to take. Just to enroll is $40 / kid! Then, there are the supply fees, which could be nothing or up to $50 / class (5 classes offered once per week).

Additionally, the big guys (think I mentioned this before), are in the minority in the homeschool community (due to age), and even in this very large group there are only 5 others that are in their age range.

Maybe, if I just thought about this club for the younger guys? They truly enjoy it, class fees for 2 don’t seem near as difficult as for 4. But then, would the older guys feel left out?

Anyway, I digress, “talking” out loud.

Last night was Art Night (my final required night team), so we went. (little guys put in stained glass pieces, big guys just came along for the ride) They all had fun.

Remember I mentioned those classes? Well, a number of those are art classes. WOW! One of the most recent classes offered was landscape. They showed before (1st day of class) art work and then one of the last 3 pieces done in the class. Those are paintings that parents could frame and display in their home for life! Some of those kids were only 7 and their work was incredible (before, was stick figure type, after was “awesome”).

It was also a talent night of sorts. There was one introduction I shall relate to you. I missed parts of it as there was a fussy baby. . .

“. . .currently studying with the world renowned composer (missed name) at (missed name again). Here to play for us, one of his own compositions, is Collin _____.”

Ummm. . .WOW! I mean, that’s just for the intro. The piece, well, that went beyond the bounds of extraordinary! (By this time, Jay had taken the little guys home, so they missed it, but the older two were suitably impressed, and commented on it frequently.)

That KID was 13!

Oh, and they also did a musical “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat” (I’ve never seen this, so maybe that’s the way it’s always done). One kid was playing the pharoah and he had to sing a number as a sort of Elvis impersonation. He was really good! (his impersonation). However, he thought it was so funny, that he got the uncontrollable giggles midway through and lost it. (Picked it up, lost it again, but managed to finish the last bit before just rolling on the floor dying of laughter. Definately a highlight!)

There was a girl that was a “narrator” in that play that sang beautifully. She sang a solo piece later, but it was rather a let down as she sang along to a full song (music and lyrics), and she was apparently trying to not mess up (with the lyrics that were playing), so she sang really, really soft. That was too bad, as she has one of those powerful, uplifting voices. It was funny as both Drew and Tyler were expressing their disappointment at not really being able to hear her sing.


Jay woke at 0500 to go to a Porsche car show / flea market type dealy this morning and took the little ones with him (which is why he left the show early). We are expecting company over for a game night of sorts, so I had better get myself off the computer so I can get my house clean.


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