The new leaf

I had posted a bit ago about the “turning / growing” of a new leaf. Well, I decided yesterday was the day to start. There were a couple of reasons prompting that start date, not the least of which was the fact that I had just cleaned my house on Sat.

Have you heard of The Flylady? Is that something that hits non-homeschooling circles? I hear about her frequently through the homeschooling crew. . .

I can’t stand her. 😉 (Actually, I couldn’t stand the daily cheerleader type emails I received.)

However, her premise is one that is simple and smart. Start with one thing, keep it up and slowly add to it. (She also seperates things into “zones”, so you aren’t doing everything everyday.)

Anyway, in one of my previous “grow a leaf” periods I had gone through and created a schedule of things that need to be done and which day to do them on. Everything is one there (including things like brushing my teeth), for as I have mentioned before I LOVE lists!

So, yesterday I decided to try and implement the list (AGAIN). Did fantastic! The cleaning took me all of one hour. (Yesterday was 1st floor, and main bathroom which is one the second floor — the main bath is actually supposed to be daily.) Wee HAW! I was a happy camper!

Cleaning went well, school for Drew went well, school for Tyler did not go so well; however, I’m willing to accept that perfection will not happen immediately. Did manage to also spend some time with the little guys planting seeds. (I tend to feel I’m not spending enough time with them.)

We had an early dinner as Jay has his college class on Mondays. That’s when things started falling apart. . .

Garrett had a nasty bloody nose. In his rush to get some tissue on it, he bumped into Mikhail who was, umm, doing what needs to be done in the bathroom. . .

Had a lovely blood / urine mixture / puddle / lake to clean up in the 1st floor bathroom.

More clothes to clean. . .took some time to get the nose to stop bleeding. Nothing that required a doctor though, that’s always good.

Then, the bathtub in the main bathroom decided it had issues and regurgitated the contents of it’s drain onto the nice clean porcelan that I had spent a time this morning cleaning. . . I was fortunate to be able to see a fantastically sparkly clean tub, twice in one day.


Have decided I have hit “burn out”. I went in the school room to start picking things up and honestly just wanted to sit down and cry. Then, looked at the schedule and realized that all subjects need to be scheduled with new material soon. . .

Thinking back, we have schooled “continuously” (excepting moves) for the last 5 years; burn out was inevitable. (My family can attest to this due to the fact that even on “vacations” my kids come armed with books.) I am going to count myself as grateful though, as for the first time in four years I don’t feel like I’m trying to play catch-up. (Not that we can afford to slack, but at least we aren’t “behind”.)

We have 3 more weeks till we reach the “magic” 36 number. Most homeschoolers school for 36 weeks. I think once we hit that, I’m going to seriously cut back on the amount of school the kids have to do. That way we won’t be “slacking”, but we won’t be pushing either. Like if we do math 3x per week and science 2x, that would be nice. An hour of schoolwork a day is no biggie, right? Maybe take honest vacations with no schoolwork involved.

Not that I would get a “vacation” mind you! As I said, there are subjects that need to be scheduled, and the house would still require cleaning, and food would still need to be prepped, and errands run, house remodeling. . . But still, maybe the cut back in their work will be enough?


One comment on “The new leaf

  1. Summer says:

    I love FlyLady, though I have trouble staying motivated. LOL

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