camera position

You know, I’ve decided I need to somehow rig a camera to my noggin in order to get the best photos. I can’t figure out how to otherwise.

It dawned on me that we haven’t done “school pictures” this year. My thought was to do so today. Sadly, the only one to cooperate for the camera was the dog. Have a really good picture of him. I shall post it tomorrow when I have more gumption in me.

Tyler is learning Earth science. Today, I had him do a “fun” project. He cracked a geode! Sounds really cool, and really it was, but it sure wasn’t as pretty as the kind in the store. Course, we had read previously that it wouldn’t be, but still it’s kind of a let down when you are faced with the reality. The big thing for me was the “chrystals” inside were rather globby looking. Not so “chrystaline”. (Have pictures of that too.)

I think I have mentioned that the little guys and I have started our garden. Well, yesterday we had an impromptu regarding the compost bin; which was superb as our science unit right now is “recycling”. (And, don’t knock it, but “Bob the Builder” has it squarely in my kids’ heads, “reduce, reuse, recycle!”) Anyway, I was explaining it to them as we were turning the compost.

It was funny as I was bemoaning to Drew that I probably should have been a bit more scientific in my explanation. However, I then heard the little guys explaining it all to Jay. . .Woah! those guys are fantastic embellishers! I honestly did not know that bacteria could do all that stuff!!!

I am going to wait a couple of days then re-explain the whole compost thing.

Today, the little guys were able to pick their first “crop” of lettuce, and put it in tonight’s salad. I am always in awe of how important that makes kids feel! They were so impressed with themselves. They have planted more seeds and are excitedly talking about their up and coming crops.

I’m getting rather tired now, so I shall end here.


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