yeah, right!

I’m not advertising this site (or products, therein), but the front bit is funny, in a sad, “I-wish-that-were-me-sort-of-way”.

Homeschool Fuel


I showed this site to a couple of my homeschool buddies. They all found it funny, but reminded me that, THAT is not how it is. One of them even said she wouldn’t want it that way. I kind of have to agree with her.

First of all, I’d like Jay to get me out of bed with a fresh cup of coffee. . .

(imagine the wavy dream sequence thingy they do on tv here)

During the morning routine, there would be a period of time spent cleaning the house, so that I would never be concerned about company dropping in unexpectedly. The house would always be neat and tidy.

Additionally, my dream homeschool day would have had Jay come home at promptly 1630 to do something with the kids, giving me an hour of alone/down time.

Then, after dinner (prepped in my lovely dream kitchen with willing helpers) he would help me prep for the next day, do grading with me, chat with the kids about what they had covered during the day while he was gone. . .

Finally, after the lovely nightly walk with the dog and kids / friendly game / bedtime stories. He would just spend time with me. . .



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