I have been reading a lot of adoption threads recently on one of the homeschool boards I’m on. (We have not adopted.)

One I was reading today has me “irked”. . .maybe “disturbed”?

A lady wrote about how her adopted daughter obviously hasn’t attached to them as shown through these actions: “acting out and button pushing, oppositional behavior, disrespect, sass, anger issues”.

Great, my own bio kids aren’t attached to me! I’m obviously a failure, as I get that mess from each of them daily!

Worse, I went to the link she cited and of the top 5 issues listed:

“General Symptom Patterns of Poorly Attached Children” (Partial list)
~ Excessive need to control
~ Oppositional-defiant behaviors
~ Intense negative affect…rage, terror, despair
~ Hurting others and self…emotional, physical
~ Poor response to discipline…frustration, responsibility

uhhh, yeah. . .deal with that daily from one or the other child!

Anymore, I’m beginning to suspect just being a “normal” kid is a major disorder! (Or maybe my kids aren’t normal?)

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