Some dude parked in front of our house yesterday. His car door got stuck on our embankment. Anyway, according to our neighbors, when he yanked his door shut, his window just broke to smitherines!

‘Course, I don’t find out about this till today, coming back from speech. I almost ran over all that glass. (Because, not only did the dude not offer any information, he obviously didn’t feel obligated to pick it up either!)

So, I have been out there for the last 1.5 hours sweeping the road, the gutter, and picking up little bits of glass all over my lawn. Thankfully, Tyler was a willing helper (so were Garrett and Mikhail, but I wasn’t so keen on their help for obvious reasons).

My only consolation is that the idiot who did this will have to replace his driver’s side door window.

You know, I realize that the man was probably suddenly having a bad day. But, because he was so inconsiderate as to not even bother to tell me (heaven forbid I should expect him to clean it up — even a little). He made my life a heck of a lot more difficult.

It reminds me of the Comcast commercial. Have you seen it? The man is having a difficult time with his internet connection and because of that growls at this poor lady who walks by and wishes him a good morning, who in turn, pushes some dude with a coffee cup . . .and so it goes.

Do you remember the movie “Pay It Forward“? I’m not even asking for that much! Just simple consideration. Why is it that consideration appears to be so lost on people any more?

Upon coming inside, I discovered a massive ant invasion taking place in my kitchen. They appeared to be trying a 3-pronged attack approach. Sadly, for them, my strategies, tactics and weapons are far superior.


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