I’ve been behind in my postings

This week has been “rough”.

Dealing with the fact that Jay will be deployed is one thing, but they are sending him to schools and off to other assignments hither and yon like every other week until then. The here again, gone again thing is incredibly rough and disruptive to a family.

I keeping telling him I’d much rather him do all the school at one time and then deploy immediately from there. However, he and the Army seem to believe that doing it in bits is better. What a crock! I don’t know a single military spouse that likes this back and forth business.

Anywhoo. . . He’s been gone the past week and arrives back home today.

I’ve been very busy working on school schedules (since yesterday). As I have mentioned, I may be doing daycare for 2 kids starting in late August, on top of keeping up with school. Scheduling takes up an immense amount of time, and I really don’t want to have to deal with that, 2 extra kids, school, and a spouse being gone all at once. I tell ya though, it’s taking so much of my current time, I’m starting to feel a bit run down. That’s why I haven’t been writing so much this week. I decided to take a week off from “everything”. No scheduling, not much in the way of cleaning or cooking, school, etc.


You know, Garrett and Mikhail have speech at the local public school. It’s PK-8th grade.

Here’s the thing. I heard a rumor that two kids were caught having oral sex(!!!) in class!

Yesterday, I asked one of the administrators, explaining this rumor was circulating. She informed me that they, the students involved, had not actually “started”, but were caught in the “attempt”. Exactly, what that means, I have no idea. But still!!! UGH! What were those kids thinking???! And, yes, they were caught in the classroom (a movie was going).


I read a news article, that gave me the “warm-fuzzies” (dripping sarcasm here).

I can’t recall the time period. I know it started Jan 1, 07 but can’t recall if it was through the end of March or through the end of April.

However, that is really nox-nix as it was the same time period for both bits given.

The death toll of US service members in that time period was 47. The murder rate for the city in which we live during the same time period — 98. Additionally, I think the solved murder cases for that time is 23%. (The national avg. being something like 60+% solved.)

This same article gave information on gangs in the area. WOW! What a large number (can’t recall it though). Both, in the number of gangs and gang membership. You know this is probably something I should be more aware of. Not that I’m concerned my kids are in gangs by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s good to be aware of such things. And things like symbols and things worn, etc.

I feel really safe in our neighborhood. . .I guess it’s just a concern of the “trickle down effect”.


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