those who serve

harumph. . .

oh, excuse me, mmm,

pardon me, ooomph,

sorry, *groan*

clomp, clop

Whew!   Now that I’m on my soap box, you can see me 😉

I got an email from a friend, who not only expressed his gratitude to service members, but also mentioned how he realizes that just because you are a service member does not mean you agree with what the service is doing.  (hold on to this thought)

I was reading a question by a mother, who’s son is joining the service, and she’s getting flak for supporting his choice.  She wanted advice on how to respond to this.

 The short answer, specifically to that question, is you can’t.  Most people who come to you and voice their “opinions” have, in fact, from my experience, all ready made up their minds and won’t listen to anything you have to say.

However, as we are a military family, and have been for ~18 years (myself having served as well as all the time my husband has been in), I would like to broaden my comments on that.

Being a member of the armed forces does not mean that you agree with the current administration (in any era).  Nor does it mean that you agree with the current goings on.  Many a drafted soldier could attest to that.

Maybe the soldier does agree and chooses to join because of that, it matters not.  Administrations come and go, the US military has been around “forever”.  (The Army celebrates it’s birth as 14 Jun 1775, (Centuries of Service),  and the Navy celebrating it’s birth on 13 Oct of the same year.)  More than likely, those who choose to serve long term will go through a number of adminstrations.

It is too narrow minded to think of a military member as being a “goon” for some major political player.  Service members serve a higher purpose.  They serve for the protection of us, our borders, our freedoms, for the ideals that our country was founded on.

Now, those who are elected, they are indeed human (as are those that vote for them).  Sometimes they make wise choices, and sometimes poor ones.  However, they were in fact elected “by the people”.  And those who choose to serve, serve the people. 

And believe it or not, while gratitude is surely appreciated, it is not expected.  Yet, it is a sorry person who can only find fault and not accept the sacrifice that our armed forces, and their families, make to ensure that they have and continue to keep the liberties they enjoy.

. . . now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to tuck this box away.


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