It has been quite a while (again) since I wrote last.

 Jay is now officially, “deployed”.  I did get an email from him this a.m. and it said that the first leg of his trip went well, and he was were he was supposed to be (that’s always good!).

Today, was actually not a good day for me, so I don’t want to write much (as it could be depressing / angry/ melancholy).  However, I do have pictures, and I do want to try to get those up.

This is Drew. I neglected to mention we had a doctor’s appt. today for the two oldest. This one is 5’10.25″. He’s our oldest at 15. (Gosh time flies!)

He also refuses to shave, which is rather comical watching others’ reaction to this!

(Observation: a number of men seem bewildered by this, and yet these same men will go on and on about how they hate having to shave day in and day out. I find that a bit interesting.)

Tyler measured a whopping 5’9″, today! He is now officially off the charts as far as height goes for his age. He is so proud of that fact! (That and he’s 5″ taller than his mom!)

Garrett, age 5. He and his younger brother did not have doctor appts. today. . .but I can tell you this kid is WAY off the charts as far as height goes! At this current time he’s 4’2″. I may be mistaken, but I think that’s the avg. of an 8 or 9 year old child.

Mikhail wanted to make “cool-dude” motions with his hands, and got irked at me when I mentioned I just wanted a “nice” picture. So, he walked off in a huff.

I think the picture turned out nice though ;).

Course, he’s my “baby” and I would think that anyway, wouldn’t I?


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