Daddy, we wish you were here

Last night, the 4th, some friends came by to collect the older two to walk to a field just a couple of blocks over for the fireworks display.  I kept the younger two back with me, which they were NONE to happy about!

However, as it turned out, I think it was for the best.  They still don’t like the loud noises.  We had popcorn and pop while we watched the fireworks from our schoolroom window.  Both of them had to go to the bathroom in the middle of it, and towards the end, they both were asking to just go to bed (they also admitted to being a bit scared).

It was so funny though!  Mikhail was so excited that everytime one *popped* up he would turn around to me and tell me about it, thus missing the actually display!  It took me about 10 minutes to get him to just stay still and watch!

In the middle (right before the potty break), both boys commented how they wished Daddy were here to watch it with them.  We talked about that.  Anyway, the message they wish to convey to him is that they hope he was able to see fireworks too, and to know that they were thinking of him dearly while they were watching them here.

The older two came back drenched!  They had actually left a bit before it was over (as the family they went with, their two younger kids were getting really scared by the noise, came back).  Had they stayed, I can’t imagine how squishy they would have been!  Thankfully, they were almost home when the downpour started.


I didn’t get a chance to get on and post, as we had storms yesterday and my internet was iffy.

However! I got my bedroom cleaned! (Every surface, including the floor, and my bed) is picked up, and cleaned! Of course, my parlor and school room aren’t looking so hot as a result. But, I’m tellin’ ya, my bedroom looks GREAT! Oh, and I found my teddies.

er, These would be of the stuffed bear variety , for any of you with silly ideas.

Anyway, there are 6 of them — 2 of them are truly mine with sentimental attachments. The rest, somehow accumulated. . .from kids I believe.

Ha! I just realized the number. So, if I get another teddy, do I get another kid?

But, now my bedroom feels like mine again, now that I reclaimed the surfaces and the teddies are resting peacefully in their “spot” on my nightstand.

I have decided that the parlor (closest room to the front door) will be my staging area for the yard sale, so it will just be getting worse. . .(yard sale the 14th). However, on the 27th a goodwill truck is coming by to pick up any clothes we have left over. So, hopefully, I can unload all these toys! (and some furniture)


Oh, and after the fireworks and the older two’s return home, I had them wait a bit before taking out the dog, in the hopes that the rain (and noise — our dog is terrified of “booms”) would slow down.  So, they happily munched on popcorn and had some pop too.

The rain did decrease, but they both mentioned that they would be more comfortable if they had rain jackets.  They don’t, but Jay does. . .and he didn’t take them with him. . .So, I had them wear those.  One of those was his Gortex (part of his uniform).  It took some doing, but I convinced them that this would be “okay” and that Dad would not mind, as long as it was taken care of.

So, they went out in a sprinke and came back in a pour.  (Ever so grateful for the use of the jackets!)  Of course, we left the jackets out to dry. . .

I didn’t expect a fall-out! 

Totally did not dawn on me that Garrett would wake up and come downstairs to eat, and see the Gortex and think that Daddy was back home!

 Oof!  That took some time, and lots of explaining!  A number of times I had to remind him that Daddy is gone for a LONG time, and that Drew had just used the jacket to keep the rain off (and Daddy IS okay with that).

Need to keep that type of thing in mind in the future!


Well, Mikhail just walked in the room with a sweatbee in his fingers. . .Poor bee was desperately trying to sting him (thankfully, the bee could only hit is fingernail).  Told Mikhail we need to let the bee go outside. . .Too late, as soon as the word “bee” left my mouth, Mikhail let the pest go, inside.


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