frustrating day

Everybody has them, and certainly yesterday was by no means “bad”, just frustrating.

We took the cat to the vet.  This is not a pleasant process, as she does not like her cage, the car, nor the vet.  When we get there, the receptionist informs us we don’t have an appointment?  WHAT?!

Then, she had the gall to look at me as if it’s my fault, though verbally saying it must have been a “miscommunication”.  So, I asked her to look to find when our appt was scheduled.  5:15 pm the following Thurs.  Now, I’m willing to accept that I got the dates wrong. . . but there is NO-WAY I got the time wrong.  I mean 0930, and 1715 — two completely different numbers.  Not only that, I don’t make appointments for anytime after lunch.  Certainly not when I’m generally in the kitchen making dinner.

 So, I had to reschedule for 0930 next Thurs.  The cat felt she got off!

It kept “raining” off and on yesterday.  Sometimes, hard; sometimes, barely a drizzle; and sometimes just a general sprinkle.  That was frustrating and kept us indoors.  We thought we hit a break in the afternoon and so packed up to go to the pool, but when we got there is was raining again, so we just went home.  Garrett was in tears.  He loves the pool, and yesterday had started off rough for him with the whole Gortex jacket episode. . . .

Drew handed in a writing assignment, that honestly wasn’t worth his effort to scribble it down, nor mine to read it (let alone grade it).  Ever since Jay left that child seems to have gone out of his way to be difficult!  I’m quite sure the last thing I heard Jay tell him was to “be good for Mom”.  Well, there’s only so many buttons the child can push. . . course, one wonders what will occur when they have all been pushed.

I went through the foyer closet yesterday and got it cleaned out.  That was a positive.

Oh, and our neighbors invited the younger two to play.  The Dad said he’d watch them so his wife and I could walk the neighborhood — so I got my exercise in too.  The boys had a grand time, but this morning I’m having to apply lots of benadryl to bites.

Today is supposed to be hot, but no rain.  So we are going to the pool!


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