Here I sit

drinking my “fake wine”.  (Sparkling grape juice.)

Ahh, make fun all you like, I don’t mind.  I can’t handle wine (or beer, or any “real” alcohol) — puts me to sleep faster than I believe an anesthesiologist could.  Not to mention, I despise the taste of alcoholic drinks.  I do, however, like the “romance” of wine.  So, I get the fake stuff (the taste of which I do not find offensive), and I’m good.

The computer is cooperating right now, so I thought I would go ahead and write my entry for today. . .well, today.  Strange concept, I know.

We survived the day!  It only got to 98 here, though I believe elsewhere it got over 100.  It wasn’t that bad as the humidity wasn’t high.  Our neighbors across the street had friends and family over and put up a split rail fence.  It looks really nice, partially due to the fact it’s all new wood.

I didn’t get nearly as much as I meant to accomplish done.  I spent a good deal of time on the phone, or running around doing the bazillion little things that have been piling up.  I am going to try to finish one last thing before bed.  I’m getting side-tracked though as our neighbors have their tv up so loud. 

One bad thing about not having AC is that you have your windows open. . . which I actually enjoy.  . . except the new neighbors that moved in watch TV ALL DAY LONG (they homeschool too, and I can’t figure this one out).  Apparently, they are a bit deaf as well, because I can hear the show they are watching perfectly.  Maybe they’ll get AC next year?!  One can only hope.

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it, but Drew has been giving me grief regarding his writing.  Well, we’ve been talking of it the last week, and he had a chat on the phone with Jay today.  Tonight he made an honest effort on his paper and turned it in.  good deal!  Tomorrow, he has another paper due.  So, tomorrow we will see. . . .

Well, I have drained my cup, and I do have a couple things to finish yet before bed.


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