no luck

I’ve been trying to get on at night to write on here, rather than writing “yesterday’s news” in the mornings.  However, the last two nights, I haven’t had any luck.  My connection keeps dying on me.

The next few days are supposed to be hovering at + or – 100 degrees.  Thus far, our summer has been quite pleasant with only a few uncomfortable days.  A far cry from last year!  We don’t have AC, you know.  It’s interesting as I tell everyone that, but I don’t “miss” it.  It’s hard to miss, when you haven’t had it in over 8 years.  I think the only reason why I tell people. . .

huh!  I don’t have a clue why I tell people!  I don’t want them to feel sorry for me. . .

I guess I just want them to know where I’m “coming from” when I complain about the heat.

Nuts, just realized something.  I think I mentioned the yard sale next Saturday?  Should probably weed my front flower beds before then.  They look to be a jungle experiment gone bad.

Let’s see, I have pictures I need to upload. . . get to those in a sec.

Drew voted for the 7 New Wonders of the World, on Friday (in the last hour of voting!).  Yesterday, the results were published.

 Yesterday, we were at the pool and I was packing up to go, when I glanced back over to the pool and realized I couldn’t see one of my kiddos (Garrett).  So, I walked over to try and find him in the water.  Drew and Tyler were having a blast dunking each other, and with as big as they are, they were easy to find.  People were also giving them a wide berth as it was just arms and legs flaying everywhere.

I’m scanning the water, getting a bit panicky, hoping the child just got out to go to the bathroom, when I notice this kid peacefully swimming on their back towards the middle of the pool.  I thought I should point that out to Garrett when I found him, as he still hasn’t managed to float on his back yet.  Then, lo and behold I realize that kid IS Garrett!  I asked him later when he figure out how to swim like that and he calmly stated, “just today”.

Mikhail managed to get up to his mouth and nose in the water, on purpose.  That’s a big deal as he generally manages to avoid making contact with the water with his head.  He says today he’s going to try to go up to his eyes.  We’ll see.

Mikhail had a rough day on Friday. He got up incredibly early (again), so I determined to wear him in the ground without a nap so he would sleep “normal”. We did fine, till I went to make dinner and told him to go change from his swim clothes. When I went up 10 min. later to make sure he did so, this is how I found him. 😉

I am only going to add one picture in this post. The others I have to upload were 4th of July shots, so I’m going to go back and add them to that post. (You’ll have to go back to see them!)

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