Morning Time

So, I wake up in the morning “early” (it’s all relative, Jay generally is up before 5. . .I’m more of a 6 a.m. kind of gal), before the kids awake.  I go down, flip on the computer, start the coffee and, in the summer time, open all the windows and doors.  I also pet both the cat and dog who seem to feel they have been neglected during the “long” night.

Then, I click on the internet and go pour my cup o’ jo.

When I get back, the first thing I eagerly do is check my email for something from Jay.  If I get one, then comes the first major decision of the day.  Do, I go directly to his, or should I go through the ones before raising the anticipation levels? 

Today, there was only one in line before his, so I went straight to his.  🙂

Did I ever tell you I love that man!  He may give me more grief than I certainly deserve , but I still do truly love him.

And now, at 0630, the first signs of life are tromping down the stairs.  By 0700 all the kiddoes will be awake.  The floors will creak as if a herd of elephants is slowly rambling past; the air will resound with the voices. . .

I will have finished my coffee, and will be rejoicing in my life.

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