Really don’t have time

as these next few days are jam packed, but something so interesting happened last night I wanted to share.

Okay, as you know (if you’ve read here before), we don’t have A/C.  So, our windows are open all the time.  (Well except for the first floor which is completely closed up and locked at night for obvious reasons.)

Yesterday was quite comfortable until around 8pm when the humidity really started climbing.  BLECH!

So, I went to bed and it took me awhile to fall asleep due to the humidity.  Then, around 11pm, Mikhail started crying so I had to go in to comfort and console him.  I don’t think he ever woke up. . .finally I got back to bed and asleep.

Now, this is where it got interesting.  I was awakened by the wind.  I mean, it picked up a bit, but that’s really not enough to awaken me. . .what woke me was the chill!

But, it was like the ebb and flow of the tide.  There would be a moment of chilly breeze, then it would “fall away” to be replaced by stifling humidity, then again with the cool wind, etc.  This went on for almost 2 hours!

There were even times where the breeze would pick up such that it was almost as if a puff of air was blown on me  (like when you blow on a baby’s face. . .yep, had that same reaction!).

This morning finally arrived lovely and clear!  The air is still quite “brisk”.

Now, I must be off to take the cat to the vet.  I hope everyone else is having a glorious day!


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