3 day update

I got behind again, but that was to be expected.

Saturday we had a yard sale.  It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either.  I was just trying to get rid of stuff, I really wasn’t trying to make money.  I did too!  Better, yet, I got rid of all the BIG stuff I wanted gone!

I tell ya though, the best thing about this sale was the number of people that came up to me and said “Hi, we’re your neighbors and we live [here].”  Or, “Hi, I’ve met your husband, but haven’t made the time to come over and meet you.”  (You know, my husband is “shy so he knows most of the neighborhood!)

And then, the number of those people that said the following, “I think your family is such a fantastic addition to our neighborhood.”  WOW!  Isn’t that a terrific compliment!

I also had a number of people come by and say, “You have a beautiful house. . .Oh my goodness!  Is that a stain glass? Oh WOW that is a beautiful stain glass window!  You have a gorgeous house!”  I got that comment so many times I began to suspect people rehearsed it!

Sunday we traveled to my folks for our vacation.  We have never been able to make this trip in under 12 hours, even with Jay driving (and he drives faster than I).  We always have to take a lot a breaks and the dog gets car-sick, etc.  Well, this time we made it in 10.5 hours!  Only 3 breaks and the dog made it just fine!  This is one for the record books.

Yesterday, was Tyler’s 13th birthday.  Goodness!  We have 2 teenagers in the house now!  We had a fantastic day and Tyler was just on cloud 9.  He got everything he wanted and then some.  (He didn’t get his hamburger grill out dinner due to a rain storm though.)  We went canoeing, and had great fun; then hiked out in the sun, (back in the torrential downpour ).

Everybody is loving their time here.  Mikhail even said that even though the drive was horrendously long he couldn’t imagine a better place to wind up.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Sunday, the day we arrived, we took the little guys to the playground.  Well, Garrett happened across (climbed right onto) a hornets nest and got stung twice!  poor kid (he did not appreciate that at all!)  However, yesterday morning he awoke saying the stings didn’t hurt at all anymore and that he was still so excited that we came.  Hopefully, that will be the only calamity we encounter on this trip. 

I have pictures and will try to post them later on today.


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