door update(s)

No chocolate on the fridge or even in the cupboards. . .

I’m about to run to Home Depot here in a bit (waiting for Tyler to return from walking the dog). I’m hoping it will make me feel all better. (You know, the stress of not knowing things, to knowing what you have to deal with.)

I stubbed my toe!

I know the doors come with the pre-drilled doorknob hole, but don’t most require you to drill the deadbolt hole? Or do some come with that pre-drilled too?

Really! not a bit of chocolate to be found in here!

My neighbor (retired guy) came over to look at it. He said, because my house is older I’m probably going to have to replace the door and the door frame! Worse, if that’s true, he said it will be a total bear of a project cause my house is old and frames aren’t square, etc. I was glad when he left!

My “secret stash” appears to be missing as well. . .

I found Jay’s drill “bore” bits. (the ones that make big honkin’ holes in things like doors). There are 2 problems — the sizes are metric and the instructions are in German! How helpful is that, I ask you???

There is no chocolate in my house!!!

So, I took the bits out (there are 3), and measured them with a tape measure — 1 is like for ceiling fans, but of the other two 1 appears to be too small and the other too big. . .

So, Tyler is back from the walk, and I’m off to Home Depot, and Walmart for vocabulary cards. . .and maybe some chocolate!


I didn’t get any chocolate, nor did I get the “vocab cards” on my list. I used to be able to find them everywhere, and now it appears I can’t find them anywhere. . . .

I went to Home Depot and the guy there says if the casement is fine I can just get the door.  Yet, due to the fact that we have an old house and short doors, it will need to be special ordered.  He looked up an approximate and it came to $325.  It will also take 14 days from the time I order it (I’m sure that’s business “days” as well).  The good thing about that is that I can special order the hinges to be placed exactly, as well as the bore holes for the locks and doorknob.  Haven’t ordered it yet, as Jay has yet to respond to my email. GGGRRR. Ah well, I write him another letting him know the cost of the replacement door.

 Geez, the would-be burglar didn’t get anything from me, and I still feel as if I’ve been robbed!  (due to the price of the replacement door).  I guess I should be grateful that is the extent of it.


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