My kids have been walking around with the worst language recently!

Tyler has been going around with some sort of “gansta” lingo going on. . .and Drew, well, honestly, he speaks so fast and his voice is so low / deep. . . I only catch bits and pieces.

 It got worse on vacation.  I wanted to wring necks!

Well, last night when I was prepping dinner Garrett pops up with something and added a “yo”.  


Tyler was around to hear it though, and he jumped on Garrett immediately saying he shouldn’t talk like that!  What a two-face!  I told him so too.

 But seeing his reaction to that. . .

at dinner I popped off with a “yo” and  “dude” and a “whad-up”.

Oh, the older two had fits!

First, apparently, I had “grammatical errors” in the whole speech. 

Is that possible when you speak this way?  Maybe they meant “linguistic flow”?

Then, I was pronounced as sounding like a complete retard.


I mentioned that if I sounded like a retard I wondered how others thought the boys sounded when they spoke this way.

Guess what???  I haven’t heard a single “yo” since.  Or anything else along those lines for that matter.

Well, that’s not entirely true. . .apparently Garrett still feels the urge to say it now and again.  *groan*

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