TV, Wahoos! and home decorating

We are going without the normal morning tv.  I’ve gotten too lax, and I’m getting a lot of attitude from the younger two.  Now the attitude could be from:

  • missing Daddy
  • the “let down” of vacation being over
  • being tired
  • the heat
  • too much tv
  • combination of the above

Well, I only have control over 1 of those. . .



Do you have them?  Those “Wahoo!” moments in life?

Jay asked me this question and I was stumped, especially when he asked for anything above and beyond the birth of our kids, and our marriage.

That’s depressing!

But, I’ve thought about it a bit more.  Now Jay is a “Wahoo” sort of guy, and his definition of “Wahoo” is very different from mine.  Snowboarding is a “wahoo” for him, riding fast in a car, loud music, checking someone in hockey (a “good” check), “good” scares. . .

My “Wahoos” on the other hand goes something along the lines of cleaning the toilet – and the floor around – and it staying clean for 5 minutes afterwards. 

  Truly, my “Wahoos” are different than his!

So, I’m keeping a list of “Wahoos” while he’s gone.  Sort of an “upper”; a way of believing that I too, have “WAHOOS!”.


I watched a show on HGTV last night.  I think it was called “Design on a Dime”?  I’ve never watched it before.  (In fact, I try not to watch that channel as I know I would get horribly addicted and never get anything done.  But, I needed a “veg” night. . . )

 Anyway, in this one part they are showing the finished look of a room.  It looks cute.  Not my style, but definately cute and, I believe, what the couple was looking for.  However, one of the “focuses” was an open shadow box with painted branches placed decoratively within.

Now, I looked at that and thought to myself, “Huh, kinda cool.”

But, then practicality set in.

Egads!  That has GOT to go!  Can you imagine trying to dust that???! 

You know the problem with a lot of design arrangements that I’ve noticed is that they don’t take into account the “keeping” of it.

For example, on another shelf in that room they had a seashell vase.  Teeny-tiny shells glued all over a vase.  Pretty yes, but dusting that?  Or if it falls??? (little bitty seashell pieces all over your floor)

The problem is, these design people don’t have to live in the rooms they design!  I think one of their courses for their degree should be “Design Maintenance”.  That way they don’t go into some poor unsuspecting soul’s home and thow up something that’s a bear to keep clean.


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