weather and school

I am praying for rain today.  Really we need it, but it would be nice to have a reason to stay home!  I have a ton of stuff to do; that truly needs doing, but I try to take the kids to the pool everyday that is nice.  Even though I limit our pool excursions to 3 hours. . . it’s draining.  This week we’ve gone every day but one.  I could truly use the break.  I could declare a “no-pool” day regardless of weather, but I don’t know that it would be worth the grief.

As I may have mentioned, we homeschool.  In fact, we school year round.  It’s easiest, I believe, for all of us.  We have a routine we are accustomed to.  This year, my older two were grumbling about not having summer break, so I worked in almost one full month without any school work.  Within 1/2 week, I was hearing the dreaded, “I’m bored”.

Believe it or not, I am NOT a walking entertainment center.  Jay can woefully attest to this fact.   

I despise hearing the “I’m bored” remark.  My general response to that remark is something along the lines of “Go clean your room, (or the bathroom, or. . .)”.  So, by week two the “I’m bored” remarks had dissappeared.

Only to be replaced with, “There’s nothing to do.”  Strangely, I have a similar tactic for dealing with this comment.  Obviously, I lack a good deal of creativity.

Week three of our summer break found us in a wonderfully clean home, and the kids asking to start school again.


Anyway, I’m running into a bit of a problem. 

See, not only was that month supposed to be the kids summer vacation, but it was to be my “scheduling” time.  I make all their school schedules.  Everything they do is meticulously scheduled out.  Should anyone ever call to review our homeschool (which they are supposed to do twice a year, but have yet to actually do), they would know exactly what we’ve done, and how long it took.  The idea is, they could also see what we are supposed to be doing next also.

Well, since our summer break was cut short, I only got 90% of Drew’s schedule completed;  70% of Tyler’s; and, well, I’m going week by week for Garrett and Mikhail.

The week by week thing is truly stressing me out.  Knowing I’ve yet to complete an entire schedule 100% is stressing me out.  Knowing there are a total of 3 of them to be completed is STRESSING me out! 

Then there are the other things (i.e. “life”) that keeping popping up and requiring my attention and time that are stressing me out and keeping me from other things that also require my time and attention. . .  It’s a vicious cycle!

So, you see, staying home today to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING would be really good for me.

Oh, but last night, my neighbor came over and fixed my door.  He laughed as he left saying that he should go work for Fort Knox.  No-one is going to be able to get in that back door!


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