My computer’s internet connection is hit or miss these last couple of days.  Whenever, I finally get on, I rarely even get a full 5 minutes of connection before it cuts off again.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

 All my emails I’m having to write off line, and then in the rare instances I get a brief connection, I’m hitting the send button, hoping it goes through.

It’s a pain, I tell ya!

 I slept poorly last night.  The dog kept jumping up and going to the front door growling till about midnight.  I followed him each time and didn’t see anything. . . maybe it was a fox on our porch.  (We have 2 in the neighborhood, and one has been on our porch before.)  Or the cat. 

We have a neighborhood cat (black and white), and I’ve come to decide that he walks deliberately by every house that has a dog just to get them going.  I’ve seen him on our porch many times.  In fact, now that I think about it, he’s been on our porch enough times that our dog rarely barks at him anymore.

 Must have been the fox.

Groan, there goes the internet connection again. 

Anyway, after the dog finally settled down, it was apparently Mikhail’s turn.

He came in at 0137 claiming a bad dream and wanting to get in bed with me.  So, I let him.

Poor kid!  I think, in fact, his bad dream lasted almost 4 hours.  It had qualities very similar to a night terror.  His eyes were open most of the time.  Once he jumped up shouting there was a huge bug on my face!  Then, there was something crawling on his arm.  He would get the shakes, and start crying. . .But, it was “just” scary — not the sheer terror that generally accompanies a night terror, and it lasted so long.  (Most night terrors end within 1/2 hour — at least for my boys.)

He’s now up in my bed sleeping peacefully.  It’s 0800.  He’s normally up by 0630.  I’m going to let him sleep as long as he can.

Meanwhile, I’m going for more coffee!

(crossing fingers, as I just got my connection back — I’m going to hit “publish”)

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