The Harvest

The boys and I started a garden this year. It was not as big as we we originally planning, but it was a fair start. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t care for it like we should have. This was basically a “trial” year.

Drew, did not wish to participate, so I did not force him. However, I have an inkling that he may wish to do so next year.

The three other boys have enjoyed it and enjoy going out to see if things are ready to pick.

I thought I would share some of the “fruits” of their “labors”. These pictures are from a number of “harvests”. We aren’t done harvesting yet. . .

Oh, but the corn is not from our garden. Our poor little corn never got higher than about 1.5 feet. However, it was the first time the boys had ever shucked corn, and they truly enjoyed it. They are now making plans for the corn in their garden next year.

I am seeing a drive to improve for next year. That is a good sign. I’m glad I was so relaxed about it this year.

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