chores and adoption

I determined the boys need to take on more chores.  (They are NOT happy about this.)  Actually, the little guys are excited, but they don’t really realize what this means.

This involved telling / showing Drew how to fold clothes, one time, then a second time, a 3rd time to tell him to re-do his sloppy work. . . and now a 4th time (again, to fix sloppy work).  (It would be SO MUCH EASIER, if I just did this myself. . .  And you know those kids o’ mine don’t appreciate that I’m doing this for their own good!)

Tyler is dishes, so he’ll be picking up the handwashing, in addition to the dishwasher.  Maybe I’ll have him do stove top and microwave too.

(They swap kitchen / laundry chores monthly.)

They will also be responsible for cleaning their own bathroom weekly.  (Supposedly, they all ready are, but it doesn’t happen.)

Course, after telling the boys about this they both (big ones), immediately jumped on me asking if they pick these up, then exactly what would I be doing??? 0   No wonder they never appreciate what I do around here!!!

The little guys will be picking up pet chores.  I need to come up with something else though. . .  Maybe vacuuming the stairway.  That could be a good one.


We are about to add to our family.  We will be adding one (or two kittens) in the very near future (waiting for them to be weaned).

 I’m giving this a lot of thought as I will be adding them to a houseful — not to mention the other cat and DOG.

The best thing to do would be keep them in one room and give them time to get used to us.  Then introduce them to our cat. . .then the dog.  Plus getting them used to the house. . . 

I could put them in the basement, but we’ve decided we don’t want animals in the basement if we can help it. 

I could put them in the guest room.  That’s on the third floor.  We are supposed to have 100 +/- degree weather the next couple of weeks.  This is presenting a problem (because we don’t have A/C).

 I did remember that they will feel more comfortable if they had a stuffed “mommy-cat” around.  I used to have one, but it was old and ratty and got thrown away.  Found a Ty Himalayan on Amazon for $4, and free shipping. .  . (their momma is supposedly white with a black tail, so I figured this was closest).  One issue solved.

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