Okay, to be honest, I just sent this file out to a lot of my friends, also to Jay. Then it dawned on me he may not be able to open them (as it’s an attachment). So, I put 3, of 5, pages on here for him.

I am not good at this kind of stuff at all! (Scrapbooking, that is.) But, that’s okay, as this is all digital! I’m not buying all sorts of stuff then trying to figure out what to do with it, or how. . .

Anyway, this is a program — Photospark (all templates, embellishments, clip art are from that program and the wonderfully talented people who created it). (There is a mother/sister program, ScrapbookMax that Photospark “spawned” from. I own both, because I have “ideas” of using them for school. . .)

This is my first attempt at trying to create pages. (You know, I had things that absolutely, positively needed done today, so I decided to sit and give this a go instead.) I had lots of fun with the whole picture shape thing. I tell you, the General is probably sitting there shaking his head thinking how tacky, but that’s okay. He has an excellent sense of style.

As we homeschool, there are a number of things that we miss out on. Things you get in school. For the most part, I could care less; and as the kids don’t know what they’re missing it’s not a big deal for them either.

However, there is one thing, that I wish I had for them, a “yearbook”.

And not the “school” yearbook where 3/4 of the book is of other kids you may not ever see again — but, an honest “yearbook” of what each child did during the school year. Pictures of them doing different activities / projects, learning different things, pictures of them throughout the year, etc.

I saw ScrapbookMax, and thought, “Yep, this will do it!”

But, then I saw what people did with it. . . I tell you there are some seriously talented people in this world! (I do not count myself among them.) Plus, while I had the idea of the yearbook, I still didn’t have a firm grasp of “how” or “what” I wanted it to look like. (And to be blunt, I have absolutely no clue as to how much is too much, and basic things like that.)

Then Photospark came out. There’s a couple of “bennies” to this program. One it’s made more for non-scrappers. (ME) It’s new, so I don’t feel lost in the forums. It allows standard 8.5×11 size (ScrapbookMax does as well. . .) And the final really cool thing: this template. Awesome! Now I have a starting point.


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