it’s a whole different mentality

I was chuckling to myself at lunch and the boys asked why, so I told them.

I had told Mrs. H (my neighbor) earlier this week about Jay possibly being reassigned (moving).  (We will have been here 2 years in Nov.)  Everytime I have seen her, or spoken with her since then, she keeps bringing it up.  Her mentality on this is so foreign to me!  Apparently, ours is just as foreign to her.  She can not believe that the Army can tell us to move, especially after we’ve bought a house!  She can not understand the whole concept of being at their beck and call. . . and on, and on.  It truly is. . .different.

Anyway, because I told the boys this story, they now know it’s a possibility; although I took great pains to assure them that we don’t believe that the Army will move us.  It was interesting to see their reaction to that bit of information.

There was a fleeting sadness, but then a look of adventure came upon them.  Surprisingly, it was Drew (the man who despises change) who immediately started touting the benefits of moving.

I can tell you right now, in the “land-of-possibles” — they are all okay with the idea of moving.  If it becomes reality. . .who knows?

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