the dilemma of two hats

Drew is causing me fits (it must be his year).

 Worse, he is not just causing me fits one “one front”.  He’s hitting me with both (parent and homeschooling mom).

 I want to strangle him!  (in a loving, non-lethal sort of way)  Or send him off to boot camp. . .that may be a good idea.

 ( I have a friend that is thinking of starting an Autistic retreat – for autistic kids and their families.  In that vein, someone could make oodles if they had a boot camp for teenagers — not troubled teens, just teens in general!)

Homeschool “front”:

I mentioned before about how I make these schedules for my kids school.  Well, before anything ever goes on paper, an immense amount of thought and research goes into figuring out what to use, when, how, etc.  I also spend a good amount of time trying to pick something that will in some way work for all 4 kids.

I spent a good month getting the American History / Government / Economics schedule done.  It would not have taken near that long, but Drew had to go fussing about the spine I was planning to use.  He wanted to use a “honest-to-goodness high-school textbook” (hereafter referred to at HST).  Well, you know what?  The spine I had chosen does not cover any less information than the HST — in fact, it was more comprehensive.  But, he would have none of that!  He wants the horrid, boring ole textbook. . .

 So, I had to work that into the schedule. . .

Well, now the child is pitching an absolute hissy about having to follow the rest of the history schedule — wanting to JUST do the textbook (as that is what “regular” kids would do).  You know what?  My kids aren’t “regular”, and I don’t want them to be.  I’m not attempting to give them a “regular” education — I’m attempting to give them a superior one!

HELLOOOOO???!!!  Is there any other reason why I would / should deal with this particular type of insanity day in and day out????

He’s also going off about having to do a Logic course.

I have yet to add his foreign language in the schedule (of all things he chose Arabic!).

Mom “front”:

I mentioned how I was increasing their chores. . .

You know, I honestly feel it is my responsibility as a parent to give the kids chores.  The reason for this is so that when they leave “the nest” they will be perfectly capable of creating and maintaining their own, er, “nest”.

I’m not sexist, and don’t believe that boys should only learn “boy things”. . .  Therefore, I believe, firmly, that they should know how to cook and clean and generally take care of a home.  Yes, they should probably know “boys things” too — but, in my book, those are nice extras.  (Also, in my book, those are things best taught by Jay — hint, hint!!!)

Anyway, Drew has laundry this month.  And my addition was for him to fold clothes.  Grrr!

Now, you know, honestly — will it hurt if the clothes aren’t folded “neatly”?  Noooo. . .

But!  I think this goes along with work ethic here, and pride in one’s work.  Also, I think he needs to understand / fully realize / deal with the fact, that unless he is his own boss, he will ALWAYS be doing work to someone else’s standard. 

He should take the time to fold them neatly. . .and if for no other reason than this one:

If I don’t like the way it’s done; he has to start ALL over! (the folding, not the washing and drying)

Jay has a standard all his own — his is higher than any standard ever given to him by a “boss”.  (In fact, I truly believe it’s higher than they could ever even imagine. . . )  I want my kids to have a similar standard (not as high as his, maybe, but similar).

Add to that issue, yesterday, he pitched a holy fit as I told him to do the laundry before he started school.  Oh, he went on and on about how school is supposed to start at 8 (it was almost 9 — and he’d spent time on the computer and playing games). . .

Well, this a.m. at 0751 he comes in and asks to play Gameboy.

“Oh, I thought school was supposed to start at 0800 for you?”

“Mom, can I just play Gameboy?”

“No, wait.  Yesterday, you said school was supposed to start at 0800.  You were rather ‘adamant’ about that fact too.”


“Well, have you done the laundry?  Tell you what, do the laundry, and then, if you have time, you may play Gameboy till 0800.  Then, because you were so, er, irritable, about starting late yesterday, you have to start school.”

Child goes off stomping upstairs.

I follow, only to find, that he had not gone to do laundry, as instructed; but rather, gone upstairs to get on the computer and read about his Gameboy game. . . 

That computer is now off and the schoolwork has begun.  Laundry still isn’t done.  I’m thinking no Gameboy today. . .  (Actually, I’m thinking of banning it for life, but trying to be “realistic” and “fair”.)


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