we have made it to

triple digits. . . our weather, that is.

Not an accomplishment I’ve overly fond of.

The tempers in our house, have risen as well.  It is to be expected, but doesn’t make it any easier.

All of us are sleeping poorly due to heat, and it’s taking it’s toll.  I hear the fussing begin minutes after waking.  Today, we got to “sleep in” till almost 0600. . .

 The poor cat and dog are miserable.

We do have one A/C unit in the kitchen (& helps cool the dining room as well), that we use at desperate times such as this.  The animals are hovering in the room.

The thermometer rising is not near as irksome as the humidity levels rising.  It’s rather difficult to breathe.  Does that make sense? 

It does to me, but some people may not find it so.

We are definately all getting in the maximum amount of water though!

Drew and Tyler were invited to a sleep over tonight (invitation issued last night).  They don’t know if they want to go though.  The host was permitted to invite a number of kids, and the boys know of one kid in particular that the host is friends with, that they, themselves, cannot stand.  I told them that they had to hurry and tell the host if they were planning on attending, but, as it was last night, the host went out with his Dad and didn’t get back till late. . . so it will have to be decided today.

Now, this is rather funny, as I am a rather blunt / straightforward person.  While tact is certainly part of my vocabulary, I fail miserably in the implementation of it.  The boys were asking ME how to find out if the other kid was coming. . .

I told them they were better off trying to do this on their own.

So, they are planning to ask the host about the “details” of the evening.  If he mentions “Joe” is coming, then they will simply decline the invitation. . .

However, to be perfectly honest, I believe they are set to decline anyway, so I’m a bit confused as to why bother?  Maybe they’ll surprise me.

I have been “in my head” a lot recently.  Trying to consider what to do about school, specifically how to run this school year. . .

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