Well, I don’t know if I said, but we are looking at 2 more weeks without the kittens.  (They are only 6 weeks old.)  We are supposed to get a girl and boy.

The little ones, I think, have decided to name them “Razzle” and “Dazzle”.  At least, that’s the current thought.  We still don’t know what they look like, and that may effect a name change.  And, given the ages of the name choosers. . .we could go through a number more choices by the end of breakfast.  😉

Mikhail is having a nasty attitude spell.  He’s driving me quite insane.  I am succsessively going through my repertoire of “attitude adjustment” tactics; but thusfar, he is proving “resilient”.  I am currently trying to concoct a new, creative way to deal with it (hopefully, positively).

Our heat wave just broke.  We are in the cool 60s right now.  It is supposed be back in the high 90s the next few days, but I’ll take this!  I need to get the older boys out to mow soon.  (The lawn doesn’t necessarily “need” it, but there are some patches that could be evened out.

We have a pool membership (they don’t have “public” pools here).  The boys love it. . .all but Drew.  At this point he simply refuses to even go anymore.  He used to like going for basketball, but he hasn’t been liking the attitude on the court. . .so, now he just stays home.

Jay just informed me that he should be able to retire out of here (meaning we won’t have to move again).  Drew is bummed by this.  He wanted to move.  He doesn’t like it here, but I don’t know why, nor do I know what would fit his criteria of a good place to live.

I need to get moving.  I have to deal with some attitude before someone gets hurt.


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