family delinquent

I am about to go against the all powerful “they”.

 You know who I’m talking about, those experts that tell you to do things for the betterment of. . . who/what-ever.

In this particular instance, I’m thinking of the family meal.

It is said, by the “they”, that family dinners are very important.

These people are idiots!  (and I’ll tell you why)

They are missing a key ingredient in their “directions”.  They assume, I guess, that this ingredient will happen of it’s own accord.

This ingredient, that is ever so necessary, is discussion or conversation.

See, this is work, requires effort, and it doesn’t come naturally. . .

I can say this because I eat 3 meals a day with my family, and it has dawned on me that this, conversation / discussion, is seriously missing / lacking at meal times.  (And my family is filled to the brim with talkers, so that’s not the problem.)

In general, our meals currently go something along these lines.

Drew and Tyler are discussing the current game they are obsessed with, occasionally barking a “command” at either Garrett or Mikhail, about sitting up straight, or taking smaller bites.

Garrett and Mikhail are either talking together, or screaming at each other over some perceived wrong-doing.  Or, they are informing Drew or Tyler that they are “not the parent”.

Mom (that’s me) is trying to get the food dished out, the “fires” put out, and the noise levels reduced.

When Jay is home, we are generally trying to get details ironed out. . .

Drew is normally asking for seconds (about the time that I finally get sat down and am putting the first bite of my “firsts” in my mouth).

And so it goes. . .

Chatter, it’s all just chatter, and background noise.

So, it’s not the family dinner that needs to be implemented it’s the family discussion or conversation.  The fact that it *could* take place easily at the table — well that’s a matter of family, I would guess.

And, after pondering this a bit, I think I have become delinquent in this area.  (To be sure, many areas, but I can only handle one a day!)

I find this odd.  I’m at home 24/7 with my kids.  We talk about MANY things, but we don’t have family conversations.  This needs to change.

In that vein, I’m thinking this is a change I need to implement this year (my “school year” just recently started, and I find myself thinking of it as having almost a “new year” quality).

One, of the hopefully many, character improvements to be made within our family this year.

I did tell you that I was “in my head” alot since Jay deployed, right?  You’ve been warned!


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