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So, last year we moved into the house. . .

We have a lovely old grapevine, but the first summer we were here, it bore hardly any fruit.  It was so overgrown. . .

So, I spent a good portion of fall, winter and spring seriously pruning the thing.  (To be perfectly honest, I still need to take off more, but it kills me to have to “kill” a living, thriving plant.)

Well, this year it is producing oodles.  I just pulled off the first bit today.  I got about 3 lbs. and am starting to feel overwhelmed!

However, I was finally able to determine what kind of grapes they are.  Concord.  INCREDIBLY sweet (as in, the boys don’t want to eat them).


So, I’m going to be trying this recipe for grape pie  Can you imagine?  I’ve never even heard of grape pie!  It’s gotten 5 out of 5 stars though, so I’ll give it a shot.  (It also says it freezes exceedingly well, and given the quantity I’m looking at, that would be a very good thing, if the family enjoys it!)

I’ve never canned, and given the heat, I’m not tempted to try.  Yet, I did find a “small” jelly recipe, that makes 2 pints  (not enough to worry about canning).  So, I’ll give that a go also.

Now, how can you “juice” grapes, without a juicer???  (I’m reminded of an Ocean Spray commercial.)

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