today’s random muddle

I think there is an uninvited creature in my house.

That reminds me of a hilarious previous encounter, found here.

I think this, for the second night in a row, I’ve been hearing scritching and scratching noises coming from under my bed (under the floor?, under my bed).  And “jumping” noises. 

I’m hoping I’m wrong.  I’m hoping it’s the dog.  He sleeps under my bed, but just in the last couple of nights he has switched sides.  So, I’m hoping it him causing the noises. . .

He, nor the cat, seem very interested in the noises, so that’s a plus in favor of the idea that it’s him.

Anyway, I did not sleep well because of it for the last 2 nights.  I keep feeling like someone/something is in my room. . .


Garrett and Mikhail are officially starting to learn their letters this week.  We are starting with “A” and doing one letter a week.  There are review weeks intersperesed, so it won’t be just 26 weeks from now and they be done with their alphabet.

I can’t find them, but there were a couple of studies / articles I had read about learning the alphabet.  Or rather, not bothering to teach “alphabet” things, till the child can actually identify the alphabet.   For example, not learning the alphabet song till the child can identify all the letters and sounds associated with it.  So, Garrett and Mikhail are my guinea pigs. . .(this was an easy one, as I don’t believe not learning their alphabet song will “hurt” them in the long run).

The other thing I have been trying not to do is to teach them how to count.  (RightStart Math, has an article on this.)  However, when my sister-in-law was here, she just couldn’t fathom such a thing as young kids not knowing how to count and taught them.  (best intentions. . .and I’m sure if I had thought of explaining it to her, she wouldn’t have, but it never occured to me that she would teach them.)

I have gotten Garrett back on track with not counting, but Mikhail is resisting unlearning it.

This is another experiment.

However, I can tell you I do see massive benefits of not counting since starting this.  In fact, now that Mikhail is counting, math concepts that had come fairly easily to him previously, he is now struggling with.  He has to count to “verify” his thought process. . . and it’s amazing how frequently he can mis-count!  (Ah well, just another challenge to overcome.)  Garrett, however, is on the non-counting track and everything seems to come to him so easily. 

Now, to be fair, it could simply be their different natural abilities / age differencesthat are causing this. . .I don’t know how to account for that though.  It would have been easier had neither of them been taught to count!  Now, I have too many variables.


Drew is starting his foreign language program this week.  He wants to learn Arabic.  (he was adamant about learning a non-“alphabet” type language — “something written totally differently”).  This is going to be a mega-pain-in-my-butt fun!

Well, let me not put a damper on it, till we have at least gone through the first day’s lessons. . .

We are starting week 5 of our school year.  And I need to get moving, or we will be starting today late!


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