yuck, yick, BLECH!

So, my friend, Mrs. C, gave me 4 boxes of mac and cheese 2 days ago. Her son was diagnosed as allergic to milk and milk products, so they can’t eat them, or rather he can’t.

2 of them were “sponge bob square pants” shapes. The boys have been BEGGING for me to make these.

So, I figure last night, I’d throw them in as part of dinner. . .

THERE were MAGGOTS in both boxes!!!!

Wait, it gets worse. . . (no, thankfully, they were not cooked or eaten!)

2 of the boxes she gave me were a white cheese variety. Well, my family doesn’t like white cheese. . .

so I passed them on to the H family!

Their teen kids are known to get hungry and eat a box whenever the urge strikes. . .



ETA:  I finally got hold of the Mrs. H last night, and “confessed my sins”.  She promptly threw out the 2 boxes I gave her (thankfully, no one had opened or eaten them yet!). . .  I feel like such a heel.

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