But, before I forget, today is Jay’s birthday!
I don’t know that I’ll be writing much in the next week, as I all ready know that it will be a bit insane. I am watching a neighbor kid for 4 days. His mom is a teacher and she needs to go to work 2 weeks before school starts for the kids. I will be watching him 4 days this week, and then 3 the following.

This past week has been rather busy as well. I guess, it keeps me out of trouble!

Okay, so first I’m going to do a brag on my kids. The little ones did their “A” Week. They had a blast. I have to keep samples of their work for the state reviews, but that’s not very “do-able” as their work is frequently projects. Pictures work best. Plus, I want to try to make a “yearbook” for them, so they can go back later on and see what they did.

Technically, Garrett is the only one doing school (as far as the state is concerned).

However, Mikhail is enjoying participating as well (if he needs to, he’ll review it all again next year, but if not, he’ll just move on.)

I think I mentioned at some point previously that we have a grape vine. This is the first year (we’ve been here 2) that it has really produced. In fact, I need to get out there and pick more. I keep coming in with 2-4 lbs. of grapes everytime I go out there!

I did try the grape pie recipe.

I would say that it went over very well with some of us.

Others weren’t as certain; although, I think if I had had some vanilla ice cream on hand there would have been NO complaints whatsoever. (I think the ice cream would have helped “mellow” out the flavor a bit.)

I also tried making grape juice. That was a bit more dubious in it’s result. It doesn’t help that I’m not a juice person, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like. I will say though, homemade is not near as “clear” as bought.

I could try jelly, but I’ve never canned (nor made jelly of any type), and the heat doesn’t really encourage me to try. My mom suggested doing the “easy” part now, freezing it, then canning later when it gets cooler. That makes sense, but I don’t have room in my freezer. In fact, in order to use these grapes effectively I will need another freezer (same problem with the zucchinni — I’ve two left, and no room in the freezer to put them — it would be another 6 bags).

I guess I am left with giving them to neighbors. The “H” family is all ready looking forward to it. (They had some of the pie, and loved it.) I also have a number of other people who have said that they’ll take some. It’s a shame as I haven’t even used 1/4 of the grapes that are on the vine. . .but when there is no room, there is simply nothing left to be done.

Oh, except to beg Jay to buy a chest freezer!


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