oof, was I right!

This week has been busy, stressful, what have you!

So, I’ve been watching a neighbor boy “Nate” for the last 4 days.

For that reason we have not finished our “B” week. It’s rather difficult, as he has no interest sometimes, and I just don’t feel like forcing the issue. Thankfully, where most years I schedule 40 weeks for the year, for the K year I only have 36 weeks scheduled, so I can take my time.

We’ll just finish out the “B” Week by next weekend and be just fine.

We did, however, take a trip to the zoo.

The boys made their yearbook (field trip) pages, but I can’t display them, as each child picked pictures that were “revealing”. (As in it would give away our location.) I was able to send them to Jay though, and he said they were fantastic. (For those family and friends that would like to see them, just email me, you know I have no problems sharing.)

However, I can post some of the pictures here from the trip, so will do so.

The kid in red is Nate. I’m telling you this week has been wet and miserable and cold. Yet, every day he came in shorts, t-shirt and sandals — which is no problem when we are staying indoors. However, it was all I could do to convince him to wear a sweatshirt when we went out. In fact, it took threatening not to go.

Tyler, liked this particular goat, as it just stood there posing the entire time. Would not give up it’s stump for anything!

The Bat Cave. This has been the first time ever we’ve ever actually seen the bats active (they’re to the right in the direction that Mikhail is looking). Boys thought that was pretty cool.

Garrett was pretending to be a hungry baby bird! (not too far from the truth most days!)

I’m really glad I decided to do the yearbook pages. The boys keep trooping around with their “yearbooks” and I keep catching them looking at them and talking about them. They’ll beg me to take a picture of a project they are doing to add to it, or they’ll insert some of their art work. Right now there are just a few pages, but the rate they are going it will fill up rather quickly. It’s fabulous! I really wish I had done it for the older kids as well.

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