odds and ends

If I’m not terribly careful, I’m going to run out of titles! again, in no particular order

We worked on the collage exercise yesterday morning. I would say the boys had fun.

I will say, that whereas my kids were very quiet during this,Nate was just talking and talking about how he was doing what and why. My kiddos were evidently deeply involved with the whole process and could not be bothered to speak.

And you know it’s a great project when a child no longer has it in them to sit down, but is willing to stand and keep on going!


Oh, later on we did the “color” activity.  Again, it required cutting.  (BTW, I did not require cutting on the collage, the boys just wanted to do it that way. . .)

Anyway, Nate was again done with his cutting before the other two.  And, sadly, this did not go over as well as the day before.

Mikhail saw that Nate had finished and got frustrated.  Next thing I know he’s hacking at his piece in an effort to finish quickly.  It required a lot of tape to fix, and a number of kind words to remind him that we take our time and put forth our best effort.

Thankfully, that was all it took.  Mikhail went back to taking his time and putting his best foot forward, so to speak, and the rest came out just fine.


Yesterday, while the boys were playing outside for a bit I went out and weeded the front flower bed again (it’s more like a “deforestation” effort). I got all that ivy out of it, then never did anything with it, so now it’s like in massive “rain forest” of weeds! I’m about 1/5 done.

I put a 2 inch layer of mulch/compost on the area I had weeded (to deter new weeds from growing). This was also necessary as the compost bins are full. (I have 3 large ones. . .1 is devoted to sticks right now, and the other two were stock full.) The boys needed to mow, and they required a place to put the grass clippings. . .

Because the flower bed is in the front and the compost bins in the back, I had to keep crossing by the grape arbor. Thus, I discovered it was time to pick those things again. . .

My poor neighbor was out back after the first 3 pounds were picked, so she got that lot. 😉

Then, I picked enough to make 2 more pie fillings.I have now cleaned and sorted those buggers, and put them in the frig to be dealt with tomorrow. (Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow right??? Especially, when you have all the stuff planned to do today that you still haven’t been able to get to.)

Those grapes are ripening fast now. Worse, now that more bunches are getting ripe (they are purple) I can easily see how many there truly are (as opposed to the unripe green ones)!

So, I guess next on the learning curve is a.) how to make grape jelly, and b.) learning how to can said jelly. Any other ideas? (We tried the grape juice, and that did not go over so hot.)


I went online and have found “ideas” for grape bread, grape tarts, and other grape “food-stuffs”. Now I just need to find some recipes.


Mrs. H had asked me if she could see the gen. science schedule as one of her sons is taking it this year, so I had emailed it to her. She was so happy with it, she printed it off! That’s high praise indeed, as she does not like using printer ink!

We are planning to do field trips together this year. It kind of works out wonderfully for each of us. She can’t stand to plan the things; and I can’t stand to go unless I know those we are going with and know that we can have fun together. Also, a lot of places have free trips if you have a group of about 10. Between our two families we have it covered. All the boys are looking forward to it.

I think I have all the field trips “planned” in Sept. that we’ll be taking.  Maybe, “considered” would be a better word.  I need to actually “cement” them.  There are a couple that need to be reserved.  I will work on that this weekend I think.

There is also another one I want to do in Dec. that is supposedly difficult to set up(rather you have to jump through a number of hoops to get there).  I guess I had better get the hoops out and start on that, as well.


One comment on “odds and ends

  1. Sue says:

    Saw you on Lilliput Station.

    Wanted to comment on the jelly making. I have not made grape jelly, but blackberry, strawberry, triple berry and plum raspberry are some of my favorites! Don’t be afraid to try it! A widow from across the street helped me my first time several years go! I have found that the process is more forgiving than I had expected. I really enjoy it!

    I love having jellies to give away! We eat them too!!! 🙂

    May God bless you and your family,

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